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September News

Hello members of Chollas RC Flyers,

The FAA has been sending officers to the local clubs in San Diego County. I have heard from Silent Electric and the vice president of Chula Vista that they have been visited. I also heard during the week that they got into our club (even with the gate locked) and checked members for their FAA tags on their aircraft. Fortunately everyone at our club’s field during that time had them. If you have not yet put your FAA id on your aircraft, you should consider doing that soon.

You can go to to register as a recreational flyer as well as to retrieve your FAA number if you have already registered. 


As of September 1st we are now operating under the new permit with the city of San Diego. If you want to view the conditions, requirements and agreements of that permit you can find it at


Justin Coe recently talked me into buying a GoPro Hero 7. After installing a new lens that helps zoom in more on the aircraft but also keeps a wide field of view; I am quite happy with the video it produces. I created a new YouTube channel for our club. You can find the videos we have made so far at If you see me out there with the camera and want to be recorded, let me know. I am usually out every Saturday and most Sundays.


We just had a really good Labor Day weekend at the club. A good amount of members from the club came out to play. We also had one visitor come down from Los Angeles because he saw all the fun our club has on the Facebook discussion group. Donnie and I created a little video around 11:30am showing all the aircraft that were out flying and who was there.


The weather this summer at the club’s field has been very comfortable. This time last year no one could go out there for three months – this year the lower heat, humidity and ocean breeze has kept the place quite active on weekends. If you have not been coming out to fly, you are missing out on a lot of fun.


The amount of tables covered by shade has not been enough for the number of people coming out. The club’s board will begin working on plans and figuring out how the new shade covering will work. We have a couple of woodworkers who have offered to help in the planning. We will also determine if we need to request approval from the city departments that manage the property – this would be required if any digging or disturbing of the soil happens. We will keep you informed as this moved forward. We hope to have the entire area shaded by the end of this year.


Have fun and fly as much as you can in case September and October send out heat waves.


-Austin Heilman

President, Chollas RC Flyers

Welcome to Chollas RC Flyers - Helis @ Chollas 2019

The city of San Diego offers Chollas RC Flyers the opportunity to come together and enjoy our common interest in flight. Our field is one of the best biggest open areas to fly with great views and no obstacles or people to worry about having a collision with.

We are scientific and educational. We also cater to kids from summer camps and teach them how to assemble and fly model airplanes and helicopters. It is a good way to keep kids and adults out of trouble. Some of us are old, and some of us are young -- it does not matter though because everyone comes here to enjoy and participate in this hobby together.

This great spot is not free. We pay rent to be here. As an individual, not many can or will rent a field like this for themselves. As a club, we come together to share this experience and hobby and in addition try to share that expense.

We thank you for coming to our event and helping contribute to the improvement of this RC club’s facility.

Field Closed for the Afternoon on Wednesday June 19

The club's field will be closed on Wednesday June 19th between 12:30pm and 3:00pm.
The Chollas Lake day camp will be bringing the kids from the camp over to the field at 1:00pm on Wednesday June 19th.

The club will only be available to club volunteer staff during this time.
Anyone not with the club volunteer staff or the lake’s camp group will be asked to leave during this time.

There will be 25 children in the camp coming over to our club field. They will be building rubber band powered delta dart gliders, experiencing buddy box configuration RC airplane flight and flight on simulators that members bring to the field.

If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact the club’s board of officers:

Volunteering tasks would be:
To help the kids assemble the delta darts.
Do some gentle demonstration flying.
Buddy boxing.
Simulator coaching
Helping with activities involving their rubber band powered delta dart gliders that they built.

Field Maintenance Day & James Nugent Memorial Auction - Saturday April 19, 2019

We will be having a field maintenance day on Saturday April 20th. This will begin at 9:00 am and will go to about 1:00 pm.
Please show up at the field during this time if you want to volunteer.

There will be no flying at the field while this maintenance is taking place and nothing can be placed on any of the club benches.

Maintenance goals
1. Staining of the club benches. We will be providing the stain, nitrile gloves and rags. We need volunteers to re-stain all of the wood on the benches. Make sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting stained too - this is messy. We need to do this to keep our benches in good condition for many years.

2. Trash cleanup. We need to clean up all the bits of plastic in the pit area, around the pit area, around the runway,helicopter pad and any other trash material we come across. We will provide a few grabbers and trash bags for this.

3. Weed trimming. We have one gasoline powered weed trimmer. We need to trim the weeds around the runway, helicopter area and along the edges of the pit area.

We will be providing beverages and food for all field volunteers.

James Nugent donated some aircraft and other RC flying equipment to the club when he passed away.

The officers have decided to hold an auction for some of the aircraft and other parts will be given away for donations. All money will go directly to the club to assist with paying for improvements, maintenance and our bills. Sean Molloy has volunteered to refurbish the aircraft donated.

 Additional information on the auction aircraft can be found on our Facebook discussion group:

Club Meeting - March 16, 2019

Hello everyone,

Here is a summary of the membership meeting that was held on March 16, 2019.

First, one of our club mates, James Nugent, died on Monday the 11th this month. He has been a member of the club for a very long time. The members present had a moment of silence for him.

The City of San Diego inspected the club property in late February and sent a letter to the board with their inspection conclusions. The city made a positive review of the club's property and will begin to approve the upgrades to the club as they are submitted.

Please continue to pick up your trash - take aircraft bodies, helicopter blades, empty fuel jugs, batteries etc home with you. Please place any scraps you see on the ground into the trash can. Keep our land clean. Do not behave like a savage and expect someone else to clean up after you.

If a club officer is present at the field, the gate can remain open. This allows people outside the hobby to come in and become interested in the club and remote control aviation. There are some consequences to this too - sometimes people drive down the wrong service roads. New signs will be put up on the road to approach the pit area. One will be by the gate instructing drivers to not turn onto the left or right service road and the second is at the fork telling drivers to use the road on the left. We will also be putting up speed limit signs - please slow down when going down the dirt road.

We will soon be starting a Flight Training / Instruction program in the club. Two Multiplex Fun Cub's were purchased and donated to the club by the president with help from Tanner Curtis at Hitec/Multiplex USA. One trainer airplane will fall under the care of Andrew and the other will be with Sean. You can check the website for the page and handbook to see more information. We hope this will attract new blood into the hobby.

Lunch donations were made by Jesus Romero with hotdogs and sodas. Wayne Bolin also donated bags of chips.

Pictures of the day were posted to the club's facebook group page.

Club Meeting - January 19 2019

Hello everyone,

The meeting today went very well. There were a lot of people who came - thank you all so much for coming.

We have posted some of the pictures up to our facebook page. If you took any pictures yourselves and have a facebook account, feel free to upload them.


One of our big goals for 2019 is to increase activities such as one day events and multi-day fun flies and hope this will help us increase our membership counts to get more excitement and activity regularly at the field.

We have another helicopter fun fly in the works. This will include camping at the club site Friday night and Saturday night. This will take place on the weekend of June 29th. This will be the club's third helicopter fun fly! We will be posting out more details and flyers over the next couple of months.

A new drone racing course is in the works. We are working with the city to leave it up more permanently only to remove when requested for site maintenance by city employees.


If you see someone flying in an empty lot or even interested in entering the hobby - please send them to our website at and try to convince them to join. Keep a couple extra membership packets in your car to hand to people as well if you can.


Craig and Gary received plaques to thank them.
- Gary's was for designing our new club logo. It has all the flying types welcome at the club and gives an idea of the wonderful view we get when we look to the west.
- Craig's was for designing our club benches and doing that epoxy resin coating on the three flat top tables.

These two members took their professional skills and donated them to the club. We hope to do the same in January of 2020 for any members who contribute in outstanding ways.


Our permit for the club to use the land expires in September. We are working with the city immediately to begin work to renew that permit. This is the first year the club will operate fully as its incorporated entity "Chollas RC Flyers" and we will be having the permit tied to that instead of an individual.


We have installed a new larger and colored sign on the front gate. We hope this will attract a little more awareness of the club's presence. We also replaced an old sign on the bulletin board. The club's officers are continuing to work on making the facility a lot nicer and better kept up. We would like to thank all of the club members (Such as Floyd and Derrall) for doing the weed maintenance at the club!


If you are interested in a club t shirt talk to our vice president, Jesus Romero. They look really nice and have the club's new logo. They are currently available in white and gray.

Sean Molloy has been helping the club a lot with connecting with other clubs, helping to attract new members and has been attending board meetings. In early January, Sean was asked to become an official officer / board member of the RC club. His role is going to be "Public Relations". Our goal is to help grow the club back to a nice 100 members. We are currently at 50 members.

The club will be receiving a totally new website some time this year. We are working to make it so new members and renewals can join online and pay through PayPal. There are plans to enable guests to pay for events through PayPal.
We also plan to allow members to have an account to manage their own contact details (phone, email, mailing, etc.)


We talked to the city employees about the runway. There were originally plans to dig up the part of the runway that is sinking to investigate what is causing that - they would then back fill the land to be level. Due to the rains, there are no plans right now perform any work. We will periodically ask for updates and provide them to the club at meetings.

We are also aware of the big problem with the cobblestones at gates and are trying to find approved solutions to make it easier for members to open/close the gates and also accommodate the multi tonnage trucks the city has going in and out during the week.


Thank you all for coming out, if you have any questions, comments or things you would like to bring up for the board to discuss at the next board meeting and field meeting please contact us at


Thank you,

-Chollas RC Flyers