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Membership Meeting Minutes

Emergency Meeting
Date 12/7/2019 6:30:00 PM
Meeting Type   Membership
Recorder Jason Day

Minutes of Chollas RC Club Meeting on 12-7-09

Call to order by Harley Davis at 9:00 a.m.

Thirty Members Present

Purpose of Meeting to Establish New board after Austin Heilman’s resignation

Harley emphasized the Gate to the field is to be closed at all times. Also
mentioned that a positive attitude goes a long way among members. All
transactions between members regarding selling equipment etc. is not the club’s

Harley put forth the proposed club officers list:

Harley Davis President
Sean Molloy Vice President
Jason Day Secretary
Bob Murray Treasurer and Safety Officer

Harley called for a vote by members for the board and it was approved by the
members unanimously.

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Membership Meeting Minutes

June 2018
Date 6/22/2018 11:26:00 AM
Meeting Type   Membership
Recorder Austin Heilman

Meeting brought to order 10:30am by Austin Heilman, President

Members present, 

Harley Davis (Treasurer)
Bob Murray (Safety)
Gary Frayer
Jerry Daoust
Jesus Romero
Don Petsche
Don Petsche Jr.
Roberto Singson

Fun Fly

$2000 deposit was made.
No serious safety problems happened at the event.
$200 check was written for the bathroom and hand wash station.
Austin Heilman requests no reimbursement for his expenses for the event.


Benches cost $200 each. Eight tables total. Final amount due to member Craig Woodward is $1600.00
Austin Heilman to donate and provide Craig Woodward with $800.
Club voted in favor of using the club account to pay the remaining $800 to Craig Woodward.
Austin Heilman explained why the bench activity happened so quickly.
Costs were cut by ordering lumber in one batch.
Craig Woodward wanted them available for the fun fly to improve club presentation

Club Bank

Club has $3400 after the fun fly and required expenses paid.
Club made $1680 on event to put toward city lease payment and new tables.

Officer Changes

Harley Davis has chosen to resign from Treasurer and Secretary.
Bob Murray voted in as new treasurer for remainder of 2018.
Austin Heilman (President) approved transferring control of Chase account to Bob Murray.
Looking for new Vice President that will maintain regular activity at the club field.
Possibly consider minor officer positions or committee for membership onboarding.

Club Maintenance

New fence still needs to be finished along the runway
Start planning new pit shade project for 2019
Discuss future meeting for rate changes for pro-rating based on time a member joins.